16 June 2011

DNA of Explorer Life Lah!

This post to express Explore Life Lah's excitement in qualifying as one of the 10 finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2011 is long overdue. It is indeed a great honour to be sharing the cyber stage with so many fantastic travel blogs that contain such beautiful photos, useful information and interesting narratives. A multitude of gratitude to the judges for opening up my eyes to the world of travel blogging with this nomination! :o)

Having browsed through the blogs of my fellow travellers in the category, I can really feel their passion and dedication in capturing and sharing their trip encounters. That's also what Explore Life Lah! hopes to be... a conversation about the places, people and cultures I have the privilege of exploring.

Each of the traveller's blog I visited is a destination unto itself with a distinct personality, voice and style that is guided by what I consider a 'blog DNA'. Likewise, Explore Life Lah! has a set of principles (or in this case, genes) that determine the characteristics of its contents. And here are the 23 chromosomes of this blog mapped out to give you an idea about the citizenship of information here... ;o)

There, all the 23 chromosomes represented by 23 photos. But of course, this DNA sequence is just a thumbprint of the site's topics and character. Behind each topic is a body of talking points and here are some examples to illustrate what I mean :
The photos were also selected for the meaning they hold. Under 'Stories . Tips . Photos & Videos' there's a photo of a flame from an oil lamp. What has that got to do with the genome of this scope of topics? Well, by sharing stories, tips, reviews and pictorials, I hope that this blog can provide illumination for for your research and trip preparations.

Likewise, the photo of a jaw bone by the beach symbolises getting to the core of an experience so that you have an idea what to expect and be forewarned of possible threats. When we see a skull sign, it always represents danger right? Heh.

There's still a lot I want to explain about the make-up of this blog and how I really wish it to be useful for holiday-makers or just for a fun read, but I guess nothing beats exploring the conversations here yourself! I hope you'll find Explore Life Lah! to be worth your time.

If the DNA of this blog strikes a chord with you, I would be mighty glad if you could vote for it in this year's Singapore Blog Awards. Or if you find a DNA match with any of my fellow travel bloggers, please vote for them. As each blogger's perspective is different, I don't see them as 'competitors' but rather, as members of a globetrotting family!

To vote, please go to Singapore Blog Awards 2011 - Best Travel Blog Category. Below is an illustration of the voting process. Registration is required as voters stand to win prizes! Please pardon me for being shameless in using my participation profile to show you the steps... :D

Step 1 : Visit http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2011/category/?cat=travel

Step 2 : Click on 'VOTE NOW!'. A pop-up window will prompt you to 'Login'. If this is your first time voting, click on 'Register Now'.

Step 3 : You'll be directed to a Registration page. Fill in your particulars and submit. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Check your email and follow the link in it to complete your registration process.

Step 4 : 'Login' with your Username and Password to vote. You can vote once every 24 hours. The more you vote, the higher your chances of winning the voters' lucky draw and also help make us the bloggers very happy!

Do also browse the other categories and check out the amazing finalist blogs in the run for this year's awards and please cast a vote. Have fun exploring Singapore's blogging community! :o)

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