12 May 2011

Birth of Explore Life Lah!

Hello / 你好 / Lei Hou / Li Hoh / Selamat / Vanakkam / Namaste / Sawasdee Khrup / Sin Djow / Ahn Nyeong Ha Se Yo / Sua S'dei / Kumusta Ka / Guten Tag / Hola / Salut / Ciao!

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Welcome to my travel blog!

My name is Darren and this site documents the adventures during my explorations overseas. Here, you will find travel stories, reviews, tips and information about transportation, accomodation and attractions of the places I've been to.

While the main aim of this blog is to provide useful advice and guides to the desinations, it is also a diary of self-discovery in these foreign lands. Something like going out there to find myself... to arrive at those signposts in life that point to a more enriching living experience. So, some of the stuff I share may be rather personal but I hope that though those accounts, a vioce may resonate with you and perhaps be a signpost pointing the way forward in a life situation.

The spirit of this blog is basically a call to explore out of our comfort zones and expand the territory of our experiences. Only with more room can we grow. While travelling is not the only way to broaden our horizon, what it brings is a direct personal encounter and inspiration beyond what books, pictorials, videos or this blog can fully capture. So get out there and Explore Life Lah!

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