27 September 2012

Sensational Journey with Heineken

An old Chinese proverb, one of my favourites, says that, "A thousand mile journey begins with one step."

Recently, the world received part deux to this ancient wisdom... "A five thousand kilometers epic adventure starts with a bottle of Heineken."
As every saying has a story, this is the tale of how one guy made a 5,187km journey from Inner Mongolia to Bangkok with no money, no map, and it seems very little clothes, using only bottles of Heineken to pay for all expenses.

Can he make it to his destination? Will premium lager be the new wager on the road? Read on to find out...

The guy in question is model, actor, writer, director, and the one who puts the colour of Hulk in me, Justin Bratton. Based in Bangkok, Justin's mission was to make his way back home to attend Heineken's Sensation Thailand party. The catch was that he can only barter trade throughout his trip with bottles of Heineken in exchange for transportation, clothing and other creature comforts.

And check out his abs! Proves that carrying a backpack full of beers is a smashing six-pac workout!

Watching the trailer makes me thirsty and itching for an unorthodox travel experience like that. Justin's journey is recollected in a 4-part videologue that traces his encounters with a fearsome Inner Mongolian wrestler, navigating the crazy streets of Shanghai on a fruity tricycle, boat hopping across the scenic Yen River in Vietnam, and finally playing Ken doll for a perfect outfit to the Sensation Thailand party. Truly, this is an adventure like no other!

Click on the links to join Justin on his incredibly exotic way to travel :

Part 1 : Wrestling Mongolia
Part 2 : Going bananas in Shanghai
Part 3 : Hopping across Vietnam
Part 4 : Sensation Thailand!

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