07 November 2016

Tokyo (Japan) - Splendours of Sakura at Shinjuku Gyeon

Date of Exploration : 25 Mar 2016

One of the best places in Tokyo to immerse in the floral parade of cherry blossoms is Shinjuku Gyeon, a seemingly endless park at the heart of the city's commercial cum administrative district.

Wooooooow... My t-shirt is all wide-eyed basking in the glory of explosive blossoms.
Sendagaya Gate... one of the 3 access gates to of Shinjuku Gyeon. Getting here took quite a bit of asking our way from Shinjuku Station as there weren't clear directional signs.
Sunshine during a morning of spring, it's a beautiful meets wonderful kinda day.
Looks like an avenue of overturned octopuses with their arms twisting wildly in the air.
The trees should receive Tony Awards for being so theatrical.
Feels romantic and magical. Best to visit with a special someone :)
Blossoms and bottoms... lots of photogs exhibiting their posteriors for a special shot.
Akan datang (coming soon).
A big branch of joy!
Time to monkey around and enjoy!
Enchanted forest creature spotted...?
Shinjuku Park has several species of sakuras that blooms from March to April. Actual blooming period depends on weather conditions and announcement of the predicted period is released by the Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC).
Pale pink blossoms of the Somei Yoshino cherry. It is one of the most popular cherry trees grown all over Japan.
There are several thematic gardens (Japanese, French and English) within Shinjuku Gyeon and a greenhouse with a collection of tropical and subtropical plants. We didn't get to see them all as took too much time to photograph sakuras.
First time encountering so many different sakura species in one place.
The most dramatic has to be the Shidarezakura, a.k.a. weeping or fountain cherry due to their drooping branches filled with blooms.
A few of the weeping cherry staggered together can resemble a waterfall.
The weeping cherry tree explodes in a firework of pink.
With the distraction the cherry blossoms create, the other flowers are neglected, such the brilliant yellow dandelion bloom peeping out of a crack.
The tress fall in... hope they don't fall down.
Two of a kind.
变成花痴了。Can really OD on sakura at Shinjuku Gyeon.
Great memories have been made :)
But they can wither and fade quickly like flowers. Cherry blossoms usually last about a week.
Spent more than half a day at the park without us realising. I've read on several online sites that Shinjuke Gyeon is a good place to enjoy sakura and it truly is. In fact, compared to the few other places I've been to in Tokyo while chasing sakuras, Shinjuku Gyeon is still the best!

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