12 October 2012

Explore Life Lah! on Weekender Issue 02

This is issue 2 of the recently launched free weekend newspaper called 'Weekender'. This edition featured my impressions of Cebu during my virgin visit from 20 - 24 Jan 2011. None of the photos on the article were taken by me.

For the full blog post from which the article was adapted from, please click here.
To read this issue of Weekender, please click here.

I actually have a lot more stuff about the vacation that I hadn't found time to blog about. Some of my most memorable experiences were eating balut (a stomach-churning local delicacy that involved eating an egg with a fully formed duckling inside) and trying not to pee in my pants above Cebu City when I braved vertigo during a Skywalk session.

Hopefully I'll get to revisit the trip again through putting up the backlog of Cebu entries :)

Balut - a boiled fertilised duck or chicken embryo eaten while the hatchling is still in the egg. Verdict : juicy and fresh tasting at first bite but chewing on the feathers felt like doing housework with my tongue.
Living life on the edge during a Skywalk experience. I think I developed acrophobia after that. Definitely a 10 on the thrill factor!

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