05 October 2016

Tokyo (Japan) - Harajuku : Playground for Japan's Pop Couture

Date of Exploration : 27 Mar 2016

When it comes to outrageous styles and flashy fashion, Tokyo's Harajuku district is Asia's epicenter of all that is weird and wonderful. So a chance to visit this trendsetting enclave is not-to-be-missed during my virgin trip to the Japanese capital!

I'm not much of a fashionista but since we are visiting the hip Harajuku, have to put in an attempt at being trendy. This look can pass? :)

More than just the name of a place, "Harajuku" has evolved into a term that means a distinct, dramatic Japanese fashion style that is creatively expressive.

At the entrance to the famous Harajuku street that is the style mecca for teenage fashionistas...

... and this hip-hop grandma. I applaud her for not giving a fuck about what the world thinks and sashaying in those killer-height platforms!

Harajuku is an open outdoor playground for cosplayers who became the district's unofficial tourist attractions. Came across this "Strawberry Shortcake" who was a walking rainbow amongst the crowd.

Another cosplay apparition that proves everyday is Halloween in Harajuku. I think it is a fabulous idea to have an area where people who like to play dress up can go to any day in their costumes. It sure adds spice to life.

I came to Harajuku expecting to see a lot of outrageously dressed people and cosplayers but there weren't many. We came on a Sunday, which is supposed to be the day where cosplayers are most likely to appear, but saw only two. *disappointed*

If you are looking for clothes, Harajuku is the wrong place to come to as most shops don't sell clothes. They sell outlandish, theatrical, head-turning everyday garb that borders on being costumes.

Killer marketing with bad sign language.

Saw a lot of people queuing for this snack so decided to try. Pretty good but not queue-worthy.

The amount of people at Harajuku on a weekend is insane.

Passed the tight shopping street, I found myself at an area lined with avant garde boutique shops.

No idea where I am within the Harajuku district but laid eyes on this interesting piece of architecture.

A floral detox from all that fashion spotting.

The more subdued and less crazy side of Harajuku...

... but the overall crowd is still pretty insane at the birthplace of Japan's pop couture.
My visit was over sooner than I expected and even though I didn't come across as many as the fashionably liberated as I would like to, it was still pretty magic to have walked down the legendary fashion district that has revolutionised street style.

Now I'm inspired to be even bolder and more experimental with my choice of prêt-à-porter!

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