28 October 2014

Australia (NSW) - Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains

Date of Accomodation : 19 - 20 September 2014

Our crib for the night at Blue Mountains was Fairmont Resort, a luxe pad by Accor under its upscale MGallery Collection. Perched by the edge of a mountain plateau of Leura Village's upper grounds, the resort's prime seat amongst nature's landscaping masterpiece is that kind of place that makes the heart sing.

Classic townhouse-type roofing of Fairmont Resort incite a restive note of country living in the mountains.

The touch of winter sculptured a picturesque silhouette out of the trees that lined the driveway to Fairmont Resort.

Checking in to warm, country bliss. The view at the lobby leads to a peek of the mountainous region beyond.

A night at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains range from S$230 to the upwards of S$400 depending on season, room type and breakfast inclusion.

Welcome to my room!

The first thing that struck me about my room is the s     p     a     c     e     .

There are many ways to chill in the room and aromatic bath aides made from pure essential oils are a perfect accompaniment to enjoy a sensory escapade high up in the mountains. Sleep came easily after a warm soak in the tub and when I woke up, this scene greeted me...

View from my room's window as the first light of dawn awakened the mountains.

Nature has the best way of saying "Good morning!"

5:44am... Golden hues before the Blue Mountains reclaim the colour of its namesake.

My room faced the mountains at the back of the resort while the actual sunrise is at the opposite side of the resort where the entrance is located. Best location to welcome the sky eye is by the pond next to the swimming pools.

Same sunrise shot with different devices. The photo above was snapped with a DSLR while this pic was taken with my mobile phone. Such differences how they 'see' the light'!

The pool waters were very tempting to dip in but the passing winter gripped this morning at 12 degrees, I donned jeans and warmers to explore the resort at daybreak so jumping into the blue in trunks was a no-no.

View of pool-facing units at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains where the sunrise can be seen.

The umbrellas turneth a hotel into a resort.

View of Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains' accommodation wing reflected on a pond within the resortel's premises. I think the pond is manmade.

Next to the pool is a gym and heated indoor swimming pool.

The pool's a good size for some serious laps with a heated jacuzzi at the end to bubble tension away.

I can't get enough of the wintry branches that weave photographic poetry.

A stamp-sized suburb lies within the neighbourhood of Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains and I was delighted by how well maintained and manicured the surrounding lodges and landscapes are.

A striking lorikeet I came across whilte wandering a nearby street of Fairmont Resort. To see this feathered beauty in Singapore, I would have to go to Jurong Bird Park but these birds are commonly spotted here.

Another abundant resident at the Blue Mountains is the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo. Saw a bunch of them grazing an open field at a residential enclave next to the resort.

The field where I saw the cockatoos while the sun turned it into its shadowy canvas.

After a walkabout of Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains and its surrounding, I settled in for a sumptuous breakfast with a delicious view of the tablelands behind me This is the place to feed the eyes and the appetite!
This post has been made possible by Destination New South Wales in partnership with CTC Travel.

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