27 September 2010

World Expo 2010 - Cultures of a Global Tribe

This will be my last post in the series about the pavilions I visited during the Shanghai World Expo 2010. I hope that through the photos, videos and words, it can help bring back memories of the experience if you've been there and serve as an information resource for those of you planning to go before it ends in a month's time.

And for you who will miss the Expo this time round, I hope that by going through my total of 9 entries spanning topics from the rewards and woes of my visitation, to a comparison amongst the ASEAN pavilions, a peek at some European pavilions, and reviews of individual country pavilions, it will feel as if you've been to the World Expo too.

The whole experience was truely amazing. To see countries put aside their political differences and come together in one place was heartening for me. We may be from different countries but our basic needs for safe food, clean water, and stable shelter are the same. We share the same dreams and aspirations for a better life despite the languages that we speak.

More importantly, the voice of environmentalism ran strong in many of the pavilions. Our environment knows no boundaries. We are not immune to each other's actions that harm the land we live in. When forest fires burn in Indonesia, we get choking haze in Singapore and Malaysia. When the US mortgage crisis erupted, we headed for an international meltdown of the financial markets. We may have our own cultures and traditions but there's no denying we are one global tribe.

This post will be different from the previous entries in that there are no reviews about the pavilions. Since the focus is on culture, there's really no way to form an opinion of whether one is better than the other. Our culture is a celebration of us, so in this post, I'll just let the photos do the talking. When viewed with all my other World Expo entries, this should form a nice introduction as the older posts appear after this one. I hope you'll enjoy it...

Africa Pavilion

Africa Pavilion

Scene @ Africa


Fashionista Afrika!

How about this for a pet?


Angola Pavilion

Angola Pavilion

Scene @ Angola

What makes a horny goat?

Somewhat like a small art gallery

Nepal Pavilion

Nepal Pavilion

Scene @ Nepal

Of gods, devas & Bodhisattva

Fearsome sculpture that's sexy at the same time

Felt like in Nepal

Morocco Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

Seen @ Morocco

Richly decorated ceiling & walls

Exhibit on Moroccan thread and fabric

Exhibit on food & spices used in Morocco

A very handsome pavilion with a good showcase of Morocco's culture

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