25 January 2014

Krabi - Hot Spring & Emerald Pool

Date of Exploration : 13 Jan 2014

Trading the salty surf of Ao Nang Beach for natural spring water pools inland, we took a day trip to visit Krabi's famed hotspring and Emerald Pool located on the island's southern district of Klong Tham. Also included in the packaged tour was a visit to Tiger Cave Temple but I'll reminisce the arduous climb to the mountaintop shrine in another post.

The day trip lasted from 8.30am to 5pm and we paid 750bht per person which included transport, entrance fees to the hotspring and Emerald Pool as well as lunch. On hindsight, as there were 5 of us, it may have been better if we chartered a van for 3,000bht to take us around. Admission fees are not included in the private charter but in my opinion, it is worth paying more to have ample time to truly enjoy the natural wonders. The packaged tour was very hurried with our tour guide shouting, "Faster, faster!" at every attraction.

Krabi Hotspring

The tour van picked us up at our hotel at Ao Anang Beach and an hour's ride later, we arrived at our first stop... Krabi Hotspring (nam tok ron).

Water for the Hotspring comes from underground sources heated by volcanic chambers and contains minerals that are purported to relief such chronic conditions as rheumatism, sciatica (nerve pain) and skin ailments.

The Hotspring is open daily from 8.30am to 6.30pm and the best time to enjoy a dip is during weekdays when the spring has just opened or near closing time to avoid the tourist crowd. If you are not following a packaged tour, admission ticket can be bought at the entrance at 100bht per person.
Before reaching the natural hotspring, there's a manmade pool near the entrance where the hotspring water has been channeled into. Toilets can be found next to this pool.
A short trek from the entrance pool led to the Hotspring and mini waterfall. It is simply called Hotspring Waterfall.
Personal belongings and clothes are left by the side of the Hotspring. The ground is sandy and moist so bringing along a plastic carrier to bag your belongings before putting them on the ground would keep them clean and dry.
Mother Nature's jacuzzi! I've never been to a forest hotspring before and found the natural hot tub so amazing. With a temperature of about 40 degrees, the thermal pool makes for a comfortable and relaxing soak.
The spring water fills up these rock bowls carved into the foot of a hill and cascades into a cool stream below.
Depth of the river at the bottom of the Hotspring Waterfall is uneven with some parts reaching the knee while others going up to the shoulders.
The river is very gentle so it is possible to swim in it after dipping in the Hotspring. Bring floats for kids.
The sweet spot is where the Hotspring rushes down over the rocks into the river. Lean against the cascade for a warm neck massage!

We were given an hour at the Hotspring, which wasn't quite enough time to take photos and enjoy a thorough tension-relieving soak through.

Emerald Pool & Blue Pool

Following the Hotspring, a 15 minutes van ride took us to the entrance of the Emerald Pool and its sister Blue Pool within the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve.

Both green and blue in one place... awesome!

Also open daily from 8.30am to 6.30pm, it costs 200bht to enter the Emerald Pool. But the ticket price was included in our packaged tour.
From the entrance, there are 2 paths that lead to the Emerald Pool. The longer, more scenic path takes about 30 minutes of trekking while the shorter route is about 15 minutes.
We took the longer route while walking in and the shorter path when coming out.
The long way in is well paved with a bridged cement walkway that allows you to take in the naturecscape. Investing in a waterproof pouch for your mobile phone if you want to snap photos is a good idea. I got mine at one of the shops at Ao Nang Beach for 100bht.
Mirror ponds and shallow puddles created a picturesque waterworld within the jungle.
As we got closer to the Emerald Pool, our path began to pond and without warning, the green body of water appeared before us. I can imagine that the first discoverers of this pool must be so pleasantly astonished.
I felt like Tarzan.
Except for a pavilion and some wooden planks, the pool was left pretty much in its au naturel state.
The rocky edge of the Emerald Pool is very slippery so be careful when entering.
It was surreal to see this creation by nature... I'm referring to the Emerald Pool, not the flesh moss at the water's edge. LOL.
Loving the whole back-to-nature feel and ambiance here.
The crevice where the mineral water gushes into the pool resembles... well... erm... let's just say it showed that Mother Nature is very, VERY horny turned on. LOL. For some hydrotherapy, the formidable flow hits all the G-spot to release upper back tension.

After splashing around a bit, I noticed there was a cemented pathway at the side where a small canal drains water into the pool. Curious, I followed it and it led to me...
... the hidden Blue Pool! Our tour guide didn't tell us about this pool but thankfully I chanced upon it. The trek from Emerald Pool to the Blue Pool took me about 15 minutes.
Swimming is prohibited in the Blue Pool but it was ethereal just looking at it through the forest clearing. The blue colour is possibly caused by copper deposits in the water.
Yeah! Loving my exploration of the Hotspring, Emerald Pool and Blue Pool in Krabi!
Perhaps it's because I've not been to and swam in natural springs before that I utterly enjoyed the day's excursion to these hidden gems within the lush forestry of Krabi. They definitely put the fresh in a refreshing holiday to soothe the senses!


  1. Hi! Can i know what camera model r u using taking all ur photos? Love them so much! Thanks for sharing. Good n informative write-up!!

    1. Hi Kuan Yoon... thanks for dropping by my blog and glad you found it useful. The photos in this post has been shot with my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S3).


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